Significant Wins for Pennsylvania Taxpayers and Students

Oct. 31, 2023 / Embed

PA House GOP Leaders hold a press conference to discuss significant wins for PA taxpayers, students in funding for State-Related universities

Leader Cutler on Democrats’ Midnight Amendment Madness

Oct. 05, 2023 / Embed

House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler and House Republican Appropriations Chairman Seth Grove said the process being run by House Democrats is reminiscent of the worst of pay-raise era politics.

Leaders Respond to House Democrats’ Massive Spending

Oct. 04, 2023 / Embed

PA House Republicans Discuss House Democrats’ Massive Spending and Code Bill Logrolling

Tax Code Bill is Another Missed Opportunity

Oct. 03, 2023 / Embed

House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler said the Democrats’ self-created Tax Code bill is emblematic of repeated missed opportunities stemming from House Democrats’ leadership of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Budget Vote of Political Convenience

Jul. 05, 2023 / Embed

PA House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler urges a no vote on House Democrats budget bill.

Budget Impasse Predictable and Avoidable

Jun. 30, 2023 / Embed

PA House GOP leaders hold a press conference after House Democrats' inaction leads to budget impasse

Putting Students First When Funding Higher Education

Jun. 26, 2023 / Embed

Press conference on revising methods of funding for higher education in Pennsylvania.

The Market Has Moved Well Beyond Minimum Wage

Jun. 20, 2023 / Embed

PAHouse Republican Leader Bryan Cutler urges a 'no' vote on a bill to greatly increase Pennsylvania's minimum wage.

House Republicans Respond to Out-of-Control Democrat Budget

Jun. 05, 2023 / Embed

PA House Republican Leaders highlight spending changes between the Shapiro proposed budget and the newly introduced House Democrat budget.

Time to Step Up the Fight Against ALS

May. 03, 2023 / Embed

Rep. Cutler and Rep. Mullins share their story on how ALS has impacted their lives